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Montessori casa international preschool


Maria Montessori believed that the years from three to six are the most critical period for nurturing a child's natural curiosity and for laying the foundation for all future development. For the preschool aged child, we foster the process of self creation by providing an environment in which the child can develop independently at his or her own pace while still gaining those social, physical, intellectual and emotional skills needed to function at best in society.  It is composed of all of the instructive materials developed by Maria Montessori with additional supplemental materials such as music, art and language components.  The MCI primary program involves a series of sub sequential, developmental, manipulative and sensorial activities that are designed to ultimately bridge the gap between concrete and abstract learning.  The materials contain within them a control of error so the child can self-correct without adult intervention.  The children learn through doing, experiencing the joy of individual discovery and mastery on their own terms, at their own speed.

Learn more about acclimatization to the classroom here.

Our Goals for the child are:

-To develop a positive a positive attitude toward self, other and the environment.
-To develop a high sense of self-esteem
-To develop a habit of concentration for lifelong study skills
-To develop and foster curiosity
-To acquire the basic skills necessary for a lifetime of learning.
-To foster inner discipline and sense of order
-To develop habits of initiative and persistence
-To develop socially acceptable behavior
-To develop the child’s innate, ultimate potential through high self expectation.

Mandarin Chinese Integrated Program

We will be working at simultaneously laying down the patterns of a secondary language to establish bilinguism. As a character and tonal based language, Chinese develops both sides of the brain as opposed to English. As a result, children will have an easy time with language acquisition – be it Spanish or Arabic throughout their lives.
In our school the emphasis is on environmental acquisition and a seamless integration with English. We are developing verbal as well as writing and reading skills simultaneously. Learning becomes fun and effortless as children are shown brush strokes and how the characters come together and later finding hidden meanings in the characters.

Montessori Casa International is pleased to announce our sister school in Taipei, Taiwan. Su-hua Chen has been running the Montessori school for the past 15 years where she wants to motivate children to life long learning and develop multifaceted, humble, content and responsible human beings. We are very excited about this liaison and hope that it provides both schools with a healthy cultural exchange. Click to see photos of our Sister School!


Program Hours and Options

Half day
5 days 8:00am 12:30pm
Full day
5 days 8:00am 4pm
Classes start punctually at 8:00am.
Before and after care will be available for children but only as space permits.
Early Bird: Available 5 days from 7:00am 8:00am
After School: Available 5 days from 4pm 6 pm.